Downcountry Enduro

Come test your mettle at the best (and only) Enduro race in Southeast Michigan! Join us this August at the DTE Foundation Trail for the 4rd annual Downcountry Enduro!

Enduro Race

Saturday and Sunday August 24 and 25, 2024.

Expert: We’re upping the anti with a harder more intense challenge with a two day event! The Expert class will race 7 stages Saturday August 24 on Winn, Kame, and Sugar. On Sunday August 25 there will be 5 stages on Winn, Kame, and Sugar in the Sunday Direction. There will be winner for overall speed.

King and Queen of the Kame: Available to riders in Expert class, this event will combine your race time with points from our skills competition to determine the overall most skilled rider. The course will be available to ride Saturday.

Sport: The new Sport category will race 7 stages on Winn, Kame, and Sugar on Sunday August 25.

Novice: The Novice category will race 5 Stages on Winn and Kame on Saturday August 24.

Youth Enduro

Saturday August 17, 2024. The family race is a fun introduction to Enduro racing on the Winn Loop. There will be 4 stages. This is a great way to get a taste of an Enduro race for all ages.

Age categories are:
10 and under (ride free!), 11-13, and 14-17 and 18+.
10 and under have to ride with an adult (Adults riding with a child do not need to race/register.) 


August 26, 2023
Expert and Beginner Enduro
Beginner Awards
King and Queen Skills Competition
Long Jump Contest

August 27, 2023
Expert and Sport Enduro

Sport Awards
Expert and King and Queen Awards